Lip Blush

Recent advancements in Lip Blush have made at the biggest trending alternative to Lip Fillers. Semi-permanent make-up or cosmetic tattooing that is applied with skill and experience, using a specialist handheld device to enhance the shape and colour of the lips.

At A Glance

Procedure Time

From 60 minutes.

Results Visible

Instantly, with true colour and results properly visible after settling 5-10 days after treatment, then again after top-up.

Lasts For

18 - 30 months


Topical anaesthetic



Return To Work

Same Day

Common Side Effects

Swelling and redness on treatment area

Recommended treatmets

Every 18-30 months as lips return to their natural colour

What Is It Good For?
  • An alternative to lip fillers
  • Adding colour to lips
  • Adding shape and volume to lips
  • Asymmetrical lips
  • Pale or aging lips
  • Scars or uneven pigmentation on lips
  • Time saving benefits
  • Waking up with picture perfect lips
  • Enhanced lip shape

  • Enhanced lip colour

  • Enhanced lip volume

  • Enhanced lip symmetry

  • Evening out the tone of lips

  • Beautifully flushed lips

  • Long-lasting lip colour

  • Increased pigmentation for pale or ageing lips

  • Fuller lips without the need for injectables

Lip Blush Explained

Lip Blush is semi-permanent make-up or cosmetic tattooing that colour corrects or enhances the beauty of the natural lip colour, whilst enhancing the shape and size of the lips, giving definition and fullness.

Lip blushing is a type of cosmetic tattooing that semi-permanently enhances lip color by depositing colored ink into the lips with a mechanical needle. The resulting lip tattoo is subtle, not saturated, thanks to recent advances in semi-permanent makeup.

The treatment delivers very natural results and in comparison, to filler, which is great for creating volume, lip blush delivers a more natural look and gives the illusion of fuller lips. Pigment is deposited into the lip which builds layers of colour.

A pre-treatment consultation is required during which full treatments benefits, any side effects and what personalised program of treatments we would recommend in supporting and optimise your result are discussed.

See Lip Blush Prices

Lip Blush

Lip Blush........£300
Top Up.................£75
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